Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How to install Vivaldi 1.12 Released on Ubuntu 17.10

   Vivaldi Web Browser is a free, fully customizable web browser. Feature rich, powerful, secure and fun!


Vivaldi 1.12 Changelog:
New Features
  • [Downloads] Add support for “Sort by Type”
  • [Downloads] Add Download Info to the Download Panel
  • Image Properties
  • New setting to limit accent color saturation

Hot to Install Terminix Terminal Emulator 1.7.1 on Ubuntu via PPA

Tilix is an advanced GTK3 tiling terminal emulator that follows the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.

Tilix is a tiling terminal emulator which uses the VTE GTK+ 3 widget with the following features:
  • Layout terminals in any fashion by splitting them horizontally or vertically
  • Terminals can be re-arranged using drag and drop both within and between windows
  • Terminals can be detached into a new window via drag and drop
  • Input can be synchronized between terminals so commands typed in one terminal are replicated to the others
  • The grouping of terminals can be saved and loaded from disk
  • Terminals support custom titles

Monday, November 20, 2017

How to install FileZilla 3.29.0 released on Ubuntu 17.10

    FileZilla is a free, cross-platform and full-featured FTP (File Transfer Protocol) solution for the Linux and Open Source ecosystems. It is also compatible with the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

FileZilla 3.29.0 changelog
  • Fix: Fix activity indicators not working after the update check has been run
  • Added new quick search filter to file lists, accessed through Ctrl+F
  • FTP over TLS: Mismatched hostnames are now highlighted in red in the certificate verification dialog
  • Filters using regular expressions can now be case-insensitive

Sunday, November 19, 2017

How to Install Wireshark 2.4.2 on Ubuntu 17.10

  Wireshark is the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer. It is used for troubleshooting, analysis, development and education.

Wireshark 2.4.2 Changelog:
  • fixed: Wireshark crash when end capturing with "Update list of packets in real-time" option off.
  • fixed: Diameter service response time statistics broken in 2.2.4.
  • fixed: Sequence number isn’t shown as the X axis in TCP Stream Graph - RTT.
  • fixed: Using an SSL subdissector will cause SSL data to not be decoded (related to reassembly of application data).
  • fixed: Wireshark 2.4.0 doesn’t build with Qt 4.8.

How To Install OpenShot Video Editor 2.4.1 released On Ubuntu 17.10

   OpenShot Video Editor is a free, open-source video editor for Linux. OpenShot can take your videos, photos, and music files and help you create the film you have always dreamed of. Easily add sub-titles, transitions, and effects, and then export your film to DVD, YouTube, Vimeo, Xbox 360, and many other common formats.

OpenShot 2.4.1 release highlights:

  • Improved Image Quality : improved the image processing pipeline in OpenShot to create sharper images, by switching our image scaling algorithm, and most importantly, only scaling a frame once, as opposed to multiple times (which used to happen in certain scenarios). This results in a noticeably sharper image, and slightly better performance.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

How to install XnView MP 0.88 on Ubuntu 17.10

XnView is an image organizer and general-purpose file manager used for viewing, converting, organizing and editing raster images, as well as general purpose file management. It comes with built-in hex inspection, batch renaming and screen capture tools. It is licensed as freeware for private, educational and non-profit uses. For other uses, it is licensed as commercial software.

XnView MP 0.88 Changlog:
  • [New] More used formats at the top in save dialog
  • [New] Policy entries in xnview.ini
  • [New] Exposure adjsutement in edit mode
  • [New] FLIF 0.3

How to install VidCutter 5.0 with New Features on Ubuntu 17.10

    VidCutter is an open-source video trimmer app for Linux, Windows and macOS. It’s built using Python and Qt5, and uses FFmpeg as its decoding and encoding backend. It lets you cut, split or trim large video files in to smaller, easier to share clips.

VidCutter 5.0 Changelog

  • SmartCut feature introduced for frame accurate cuts; beginning and end clip segments are reencoded and joined with middle segment for each clip defined in the Clip Index along source video's defined keyframes
  • SmartCut enabled via app settings as well as toggle button on the main interface. SmartCut can take up to 2 mins vs a few seconds so use it only if frame accuracy is a requirement